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+39 345 10 16 829
Via P.Mascagni, 72 - 06132 Perugia - Italy

Porta Cesa Mansion

Via del Duca, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italia


Euro 2.650.000,00

In Tuscany, in Castiglion Fiorentino, “Leopoldina” (historic building) with annexes and 11 hectares of land for sale.



The property has a total area of about 3025 square metres and it is composed of a classic and large main “Leopoldina” (historic building taking its name from Leopoldo di Toscana) and 4 annexes.

The farmhouse has 4 levels including the below-grade areas, and it is composed of 18 suites with living area and kitchen area on the first, second and third floor which will be served by an elevator that has yet to be installed. On the ground floor there are a conference hall, common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, all surrounded by a beautiful garden.

The property is completed by 4 annexes to be transformed with a total of 1000 sq m that can be renovated, or expanded, by merging their volumetry to the main farmhouse or also using the existing volumetry to create a new building.


  • The farmhouse was restored in 2015, while one building is under completion, about 2000 sq m.,
  • first annexe: newly-built framework with double-wall structure with perforated bricks, having three levels with below-grade level, currently in the raw, giving the possibility to adjust it to your needs, about 450 sq m,
  • second annexe: edifice built with mixed framework of bricks and stones, having two levels and an area of about 450 sq m, it needs restoration,
  • third annexe: small stone building to be restored, about 35 sq m.
  • fourth annexe: stone building with single level, to be rebuilt, about 90 sq m.
  • pool: currently it needs completion, 15 x 10 m.

The property is characterized by walls with exposed stones, terracotta-tiled floors, wooden-beam ceilings and terracotta flat tiles, brick arches.

The apartments have large kitchen with open-plan dining areas; bedrooms are spacious and bathrooms as well.


The farmhouse is surrounded by about 11 hectares of land with olive grove, orchard, vegetable garden. The property also has numerous spaces where you can relax and enjoy the panorama with a delightful view of the Lago Trasimeno and of the surrounding soft tilled hills: in the meadows, on the two panoramic terraces and in the surrounding garden it is possible to place tables, deckchairs, and a barbecue.


Over time the area has generated a lot of interest with regard to the realisation of holiday farms or simply holiday homes, given the proximity to centres such as Montepulciano, Città della Pieve and Siena; it has obtained excellent results and the number of rooms for tourist-accommodation activities could be increased as there is the possibility to convert the 4 annexes into apartments for further guests or create new buildings, since the lands are suitable for building.

Thanks to its privileged location and to its dimensions, the property may be used simultaneously as B&B/Holiday farm and Wellness centre, Horse riding centre, Farm.


Currently the farm produces cereals using rotation crops (corn, sunflower, etc.) and extra virgin olive oil for household consumption, using olives coming from the plants of the property.

The lands have a hilly and flat configuration, with slight inclination on a north-west side, of autochthon nature with low skeleton presence. Clay loam texture, with good limestone presence. Ditches and drains appear in good conditions of maintenance and use.

Situated in an ideal location for a wine growing and producing purpose, the place is also ideal from a landscape and environment point of view, integrated in a hilly context with low inclination and rural scope.

Productions would take advantage of a rural environment that would give peculiar characteristics to oil and wine, even more when opting for organic productions.

The potentials offered by the farm allow you to make choices of different nature and width: all arable lands are very well suited to be planted with vineyards of various types: from black grapes for both fresh and structured red wines, to young wines and “vini da meditazione” (“meditative wines”) or, in the north-west areas, to grapes suitable for sparkling wines. Of the total 11 hectares, the area suitable for the production of sparkling white or rosè wines is of about 5 hectares, including varieties like Chardonnay, Grechetto, Pinot white, Pinot grey, Pinot black, and density of implantation ranges from 3,300 up to more than 5,000 plants per hectare. In this area it may be possible to plant, alternatively or in conjunction, also varieties for the production of both white and red fresher wines, to be drunk after a short period of refinement, such as Trebbiano, Gamay, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Shiraz and more. The area more exposed to the sun is suitable for the production of red structured wines (especially Sangiovese Grosso, but also Cabernet Sauvignon), or full-bodied white wines (like some of Grechetto and Trebbiano). All productions can boast the title “D.O.C. (Registered Designation of Origin) Colli del Trasimeno”.


Productions vary according to the types of grapes planted and to the desired varieties of wines to be produced: they may range from 120 quintals per hectare (12 tons/Ha) of grapes for sparkling wines, to 90 ql/Ha (9 tons/Ha) for structured red wines. Taking into consideration a yield in wine of about 70%, we obtain from 63 to 84 hl/Ha of wine (from 6,300 to 8,400 litres per hectare) that, translated to 0.75 lt bottles, is equal to a production of bottles that ranges from 8,400 to 11,200 units for each tilled hectare.

It is also possible to make different choices, using the lands for olive-growing, which is widely practised in the area, for the production of extra virgin olive oil, also with D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin), or diversifying productions by introducing an alternative fruit farming, such as hazel.



It is possible to obtain grants for the implantation of both vineyards, up to 10,000.00 euro per hectare (about half the cost of the total implantation), and olive groves and other types of groves as well, with subsidies ranging from 40% to 50% of the implantation cost.

With the activation of various measures of the Piano di Sviluppo Rurale (Plan for Rural Development) of the Umbria region 2014/2020, it will be possible to access grants related to equipments also for other types of investments, such as cellars and farm sheds, which would cover 40% of the investments, and up to € 200,000.00 for the renovation of the holiday farm. By resorting to subsidized agricultural credit it is possible to cover the remaining part of the investment.


In Toscana, in Arezzo, farmhouse with annexes and 11 hectares of land for sale.

Porta Cesa Mansion is a beautiful villa that lies on the hills of Castiglion Fiorentino, at an altitude of 366 metres above sea level, in Tuscany. The area witnessed the presence of the ancient Etruscans (ever since 1777 there have been finds of tombs, that are visitable, with fine artifacts), and in the Middle Ages it became a summer shelter for the Duke of Corgna, trying to seek refuge from the mosquitos that infested the waters of the Trasimeno, which were stagnant at that time. Here the duke had his shooting lodge, wherein he seeked rest and escape, after his adventures. Besides, here there was also a Jesuit estate. From the farmhouse it is possible to reach wonderful villages and important cultural centres in a short time, such as Montalcino (57,5 km), Assisi (70,3 km), Montepulciano (21,3 km), Città di Castello (72,7 km), Arezzo (46 km), Spoleto (110 km) and Gubbio (85,8 km). The property is surrounded by nature, and by the most absolute quiet and silence, in a place that is particularly suited to hiking and mountain-bike trips.

The reference airport is Perugia-Sant’Egidio, which can be reached in about 50 minutes, while the airports of Florence and Rome can be reached in one and a half hours/two hours.


Castiglio Fiorentino; Montepulciano; Montalcino; Pisa; Florence; Volterra; San Gimignano; Siena; Arezzo; Rome; Perugia; Gubbio; Assisi; Spoleto;


Pisa Galilei (40 km; 35’); Firenze Peretola (77 km; 55’); Bologna Marconi (159 km; 1h 50’); Genova Colombo (167 km; 1h 45’); Perugia Sant’Egidio (241 km; 2h 30’); Milano Malpensa (330 km; 3h 20’); Roma Ciampino (368 km; 3h 30’); Roma Fiumicino (354 km; 3h 40’)



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