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Purchasing a Property in Italy

1) Purchasing a Property in Italy:

 The purchase or the sale of a property (residential building, office, shop, workshop, land, etc.) represents one of the most significant moments in the life of an individual, whether it is an investment or, and especially, when the intended use of the property is as a residence for your own family unit. In order to safeguard citizens – Italian or foreign – in the best possible way, the Italian government requires that the contract is stipulated by a public official that is impartial and specialized in this particular matter: the notary. The notary, in fact, intervenes in accordance with the law as third party, independent from seller and buyer, guaranteeing that the purchase of the property takes place in accordance with all rules of law, and in accordance with the common interests of the parties and with particular attention to the buyer.

It is extremely important to check that everything is in order and compliant before signing any binding agreement, and asking the notary for advice, even before concluding the sale, will not lead to an additional cost. The parties have the right to communicate personally with the notary and ask the notary for all clarifications and explanations useful to understand the legal consequences and effects of the legal deed.


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